Easy Website Kits is just that... an easy professional way to get your business online or even improve on your current website.

In today’s competitive economy it’s crucial for businesses to maintain a strong and professional Internet presence to ensure their success. Over 45 years combined experience in web design, SEO (search engine optimization) and marketing ensures that Easy Website Kits has the right solution for your business. 

Build and maintain a professional website without expensive consultants or web developers.


Our goal is to give small and medium businesses the power of the Internet to reach more customers and focus in on their target market. With our system you can keep your website costs low with a DIY (do it yourself) model or for a small fee we will assist you with setting up your content.

When your needs don't work in a one size fits all model, we develop custom plugins or modules for your specific use. You still get it your way!

Our Standard System Includes:

  • Simple editing with formatting buttons to select bold, underline, make lists with bullets like what you'd expect in Microsoft word or any other word processor.

  • Search engine optomized web pages so people can find your website.

  • Basic and advanced E-Commerce modules.

  • Blogging, News and Event sections. Name it what you want, style it how you like.

  • Easy to use contact pages that don't expose your email address to spammers.

We Believe in Keeping it Clean and Simple.

If you can upload your pictures to Facebook and compose email in webmail using yahoo or gmail, you can make a website!